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Bill Gates pledges 120 million to boost African, Indian farmers

Le 28 juillet 2016, 04:39 dans Humeurs 0

Microsoft co-founder turned philanthropist Bill Gates on Thursday announced 120 million dollars in grants to help small-scale farmers in Africa and India improve their lives through sustainable agriculture.


The grants, announced on the eve of World Food Day, are from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the philanthropic organization co-chaired by Gates and his wife.


"Three-quarters of the world's poorest people get their food and income by farming small plots of land," Gates said as he announced grants to nine projects, mostly in Africa, during a speech to the World Food Prize Symposium in Iowa.


"So if we can make small-holder farming more productive and more profitable, we can have a massive impact on hunger and nutrition and poverty."


Gates also paid tribute to the late Norman Borlaug, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist who is often called the father of the Green Revolution and who has been credited with saving hundreds of millions of lives by developing disease-resistant wheat.


The Green Revolution "was one of the great achievements of the 20th century, but it didn't go far enough," said Gates.


"It didn't go to Africa," where the bulk of the grant money announced by Gates on Thursday will go.


In keeping with the Gates Foundation's approach to promoting development, which Gates described as "investing across the value chain in ways that will benefit small farmers and their communities," the grants will help "bring the technology that has transformed farming in other parts of the world" to Africa and India.


Funds will be used to promote the development of crops which can help the environment -- such as legumes, which are a natural fertilizer -- or improve health, such as a new variety of sweet potato enriched in Vitamin A, which is often missing from the diets of children in the developing world.


Crops will also be developed with the possible ravages of climate change in mind, said Gates.


He cited a study conducted by researchers at Stanford University in California which showed that if farmers in southern Africa are planting the same variety of maize, the staple food of many Africans, in 2030 as today, "the harsher conditions from climate change will reduce productivity by more than 25 percent.


"Declining yields at a time of rising population in a region with millions of poor people means starvation," said Gates.


"We have to develop crops that can grow in a drought; that can survive in a flood; that can resist pests and disease.


"We need higher yields on the same land in harsher weather. And we will never get it without a continuous and urgent science-based search to increase productivity -- especially on small farms in the developing world," said Gates.


Grant money will fund a project to create "community knowledge worker networks" connecting villagers with sources of information via mobile phones in Uganda, where mobile phone penetration is around 80-90 percent.


Grants have been earmarked to create "Farmer Voice Radio," which would broadcast programs promoting sustainable agriculture to African farmers, 70 to 80 percent of whom use radio as a source of information.


And yet more grant money will help to build networks of home-grown expertise that will give Africans greater autonomy when making agricultural policy decisions.


In India, funding from the Gates Foundation will be used to help women's groups improve their land and water management skills, which would in turn enhance their standard of living.


The drive to create a new green revolution that includes Africa must be a global effort, said Gates.


He praised President Barack Obama, who said when he took office that the United States will work alongside developing nations "to make your farms flourish", and hailed the G20's three-year, 22 billion dollar pledge to help the poorest farmers increase productivity.


But he called, too, on the corporate world, research institutions, universities, the United Nations, the World Bank, scientists, farmers groups to step up to the plate and help Africa and other developing regions put more and better food in the bowls of their people, and do it without damaging the environment.


"There is no reason for so many farmers to be so hungry and so poor," Gates said.


"If farmers can get what they need to feed their families and sell their surplus, hundreds of millions of the world?s poorest people can build themselves a better life."

Given up already on your New Year’s Goals? Or maybe you didn’t bother this year?

Le 14 juillet 2016, 05:16 dans Humeurs 0

Type A: Non-Committal Attitude

In my experience, the number one reason for failure is that you haven’t really committed to the change in the first place. The age old New Year’s Resolution: “This year I’m going to get fit” will be heard theradome HK far and wide, but if you really commit to the goal you need to ask yourself how you are going to do it.


Solution: Clarity is needed to encourage commitment. If you really want to get fit, think it through—decide on the type of exercise you plan to do, and decide what days of the week and at what time you will do it. Having this all decided in advance makes it more difficult to make excuses. Tell people who support you what you intend to do, and even consider finding yourself an accountability buddy who will check up on you and encourage you to keep going.


Type B: Aversion to Planning

Many people don’t like to be seen as planners. They see planners as being stifled and boring, and assume that routines and schedules are not for them. I know this because for many years I fought against routine: I was too young and too cool to plan anything; spontaneity was my best friend. What I found many years later was that by planning, I could achieve more—by planning, I could get things done and leave time to be more creative and spontaneous.


Solution: Set a goal and plan out how you are going to achieve it. Start small: if you want to write a book, plan and schedule the first chapter. When you achieve this first milestone, you will see how easy it was to do so and then plan the next chapter. Plan regular small steps in your calendar and you will be amazed at how much more you will achieve in life.


Type C: Non-Believer

Most of you will be familiar with the Henry Ford quote “If you think you can or think you can’t you are probably right.” This holds true with goals: if you set a goal and deep down don’t believe you can actually achieve it, don’t waste your time.


Solution: Only set goals you believe you can achieve. What can you do if you don’t believe in your own power to achieve any of your goals? Positive affirmations can help you to achieve your goals, so try to make all your thoughts positive and supportive. Mohammad Ali proclaimed “I am the Greatest” long before he actually believed it.  Monitor your thoughts, when they are negative try and replace them with a positive one.


Type D: Easily Led

Then there are those who look to others for affirmation, but instead they get discouragement. “Don’t go for a run—come for a beer instead, it’s way more fun.” Well, it’s more fun for your friend, who won’t feel guilty that they are not exercising when you are. So many people theradome HK unwittingly try to sabotage your success, and they often do so because if you improve, they’ll be forced to focus on their own stagnation. They will try to drag you back to their level at every opportunity.


Solution: Hang out with people who support you. If that’s not possible, if you have a sibling or spouse who discourages your goals and dreams, start to recognize when it happens and remain committed to your goal. When you start to recognize that other people are preventing you from living your life, you will stop allowing it to happen.


Type E: All or Nothing

I’ve met many of the “all or nothing” type in my time—they want it all, and they want it now. If it won’t happen tomorrow there is no point in doing it !


Solution: Reality check—nothing happens immediately. Learn to set smaller goals that give you more instant gratification theradome HK along with your larger goals, so you can have the best of both worlds.


Awareness is the key factor when it comes to making changes. By understanding yourself and your excuses you will be better able to make decisions which will serve you and get you a step closer to achieving your goals this year.

Setting Goals.jpg

if you attempted to get there

Le 2 décembre 2015, 09:18 dans Humeurs 0

`You won't let her, little idiot!' I exclaimed. `Direct me to her room immediately, or I'll make you sing out sharply.'

`Papa would make you sing out,' he answered. `He says I'm not to be soft with Catherine: she's my HKUE amec wife, and it's shameful that she should wish to leave me. He says, she hates me and wants me to die, that she may have my money; but she shan't have it: and she shan't go home! She never shall!--she may cry, and be sick as much as she pleases!'

He resumed his former occupation, closing his lids, as if he meant to drop asleep.

`Master Heathcliff,' I resumed, `have you forgotten all Catherine's kindness to you last winter, when you affirmed you loved her, and when she brought you books and sung you songs, and came many a HKUE amec time through wind and snow to see you? She wept to miss one evening, because you would be disappointed; and you felt then that she was a hundred times too good to you: and now you believe the lies your father tells, though you know he detests you both. And you join him against her. That's fine gratitude, is it not?'

The corner of Linton's mouth fell, and he took the sugar-candy from his lips.

`Did she come to Wuthering Heights, because she hated you?' I continued. `Think for yourself! As to your money, she does not even know that you will have any. And you say she's sick; and yet, you leave her alone, up there in a strange house! You who have felt what it is to be so neglected!

You could pity your own sufferings; and she pitied them too; but you won't pity hers! I shed tears, Master Heathcliff, you see--an elderly woman, and a servant merely--and you, after pretending such affection, reenex facial and having reason to worship her almost, store every tear you have for yourself, and lie there quite at ease. Ah! you're a heartless, selfish boy!'

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